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The Best Pressure Cleaning Company

Entrust Intercoastal Pressure Cleaning for all your restoration needs.

Exterior structural cleaning is necessary to keep your home or business looking new to maintain and increase value. 

Over 17 years of experience in exterior restoration services, Intercoastal has gained knowledge and expertise to understand customer needs.

Intercoastal Pressure Cleaning specializes in commercial and residential pressure cleaning. Every team member is thoroughly vetted to ensure they are qualified on safe and optimal cleaning procedures.

We pride ourselves in being skilled at our craft, reliable, professional, and detail-oriented.


We provide cleaning services in the following areas:

  • Commercial Cleaning

  • Residential Cleaning

  • Wood Cleaning & Restoration

  • Window Cleaning

  • Roof Cleaning

  • Driveway, Parking Lot and Concrete

  • Other Pressure Cleaning Needs

sidewalk cleaning

The Science Behind the Cleaning 


Intercoastal Pressure Cleaning uses propriety chemicals, buffers, and surfactants to clean and enhance the look of your home or driveway. We take pride in our knowledge of the products we use and the effects they have on your structure. Understanding how chemicals work and the proper application has allowed us to become the leading commercial and residential pressure cleaning company in the Charleston, SC area.


The idea of do-it-yourself can quickly turn into a project you wish you had left alone. Why take the risk of damaging your investment? Trust Intercoastal Pressure Cleaning for all your pressure cleaning needs!

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